On Your Marks...Get Set...Go...?

Thomas S. Stumb
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

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Go…?! Go where? Go out to eat again? Go to a ballgame? Go to church on Sunday? Go to a concert?

Just a few short weeks ago, all these places we used to go were visited without a care in the world about our personal safety nor the safety of others. Yet today we face continued uncertainty about when will it be safe to go anywhere we want, anytime we want to.

As Nashville begins the three Phases of re-opening, each of us likely will have varying attitudes regarding when we will feel completely safe going about our lives the way that we used to… Some will crawl; some will walk; and some will run. And some will stay at home and wait for Phase 4 to arrive. It will be a challenging time for all, as frustration will surely accompany us as we approach the new normal with widely varying degrees of temerity vs timidity. Are you a gambler or prefer to play things safe?

I’ve only got one wife and five children but it has already crossed my mind that not everyone in my family is going to be eager to go out to dinner again on the same day, or even during the same week, maybe not even the same month. Likewise we have sixty employees here at Truxton and not all of them are going to be ready to come back to work every day at the office at the same time. And not all of our clients are going to feel safe coming to our office at the same time either.

So, until the city of Nashville has entered Phase 4 of our city’s re-opening plan, we are planning to continue restricted access to our office by appointment only and allow our employees to work from home if that’s where they feel safest. I apologize if this posture may be upsetting to any of our clients, but we feel it is the right thing to do. We appreciate your patience during this difficult time, and we remain eager to help our clients in any way that we can. Please let us know what we can do to make the last few weeks of this awful pandemic easier for you.