The Art of Conversation

W. Bryant Tirrill
Managing Director

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At just about any business function, social gathering, even a simple occasion with extended family - the questions are the same. “How are you?” “So, what do you do?” “Tell me about yourself.” “What’s new with you?” “How have things been?”

At Truxton Trust, we know the importance of asking questions. We know that, in order to provide the best possible and most comprehensive services to a client, we must get to know that person. We must spend the time and ask the questions that help us understand not only a client’s assets and holdings, but their goals and ambitions for their money. And we understand that the only real way - the only right way - to do this is to build a genuine relationship with our clients and their families. This is, by far, what I enjoy most about my work.

Because having these kinds of relationships with our clients is at the heart of what we do, we’re able to address each one’s personal deposit account needs as well as whatever borrowing needs may arise. From small things like waiving ATM fees to make it easy to access your money, to setting up text alerts when an account balance dips, we pride ourselves in being able to handle the details that might get lost in a larger institution and could cause clients a lot of headaches.

In Truxton Trust’s 17-year history, we are proud to work with multiple generations of families, sometimes four generations of the same family.  It is an honor to be able to do this; it is also an integral part of how we help those families anticipate and prepare for life events where they need a personal banker by their side. Whether it’s sending a child off to college, helping an aging parent, buying a new home, or anything else we might encounter along life’s path - Truxton is here to walk that path with you.

Our services aren’t limited to just personal finances though. In fact, 57 percent of our loans and 53 percent of our deposits are commercial. We’re happy to be able to make it possible for clients to invest in commercial real estate, obtain operating lines of credit or loans to grow their business, or become part of a joint venture. We meet our business clients’ deposit needs with custom-designed services that simply can’t be found elsewhere and are backed by Truxton’s remarkable financial soundness.

Malcolm Forbes said “The art of conversation lies in listening.” We pride ourselves on not only knowing the right questions to ask, but also listening. We work with families, the entities they own and the assets they invest in. Now, how may we help your family?