Portfolio Analyst

Job Description

Job Title: Portfolio Analyst
Department: Wealth Management
Location: Nashville, TN
FLSA Status: Exempt


The Wealth Management Portfolio Analyst (the Position) will perform a variety of analytical and implementation activities supporting the portfolio management function of the Wealth Management Services (WMS) group.  The Position will play a key role in supporting the WMS team in the ongoing maintenance and implementation of the WMS investment platform.  The Position will be responsible for providing broad analytical support for equity, fixed income and asset allocation research and investment manager/product decision due diligence.  The Position may assist WMS Portfolio Managers in managing client portfolios, trading, presenting investment recommendations and concepts to WMS clients and prospects and developing investment related client facing materials.  The Position will maintain close client and internal professional relationships and will be responsible for developing new client relationships.  The Position is required to cultivate and maintain positive working relationships with all WMS staff to ensure timely, consistent and high-quality execution standards. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide broad analytical support for the WMS investment platform from asset allocation decisions to individual stock, bond and investment product selection decisions,
  • Assist Portfolio Managers with the implementation and maintenance of certain client portfolios ensuring consistency with WMS asset allocation guidelines and desired tax efficiency,
  • Facilitate internal and external investment related communications consistent with WMS’ philosophy and style,
  • Assist WMS team with trading activities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, etc.) from trade execution to settlement ensuring best execution and adherence with WMS protocols,
  • Articulate and communicate effectively investment concepts and results with WMS staff, clients and prospects,
  • Create, review and maintain investment related content such as client proposals and reviews, market and economic updates and special topics as needed,
  • Maintain strong knowledge and command of current and anticipated capital market conditions,
  • Help Portfolio Managers maintain bond order book, trade bonds under their direction, pend trades to AddVantage, trouble shoot trade settlement issues, scan and save historical trade activities,
  • Understand and WMS investment objectives and attendant asset allocation ranges,
  • Discuss potential asset allocation changes, current and anticipated economic and market conditions and how they impact our positions,
  • Work within established WMS policies, procedures and guidelines,
  • Embrace our culture and spirit of teamwork,
  • Plan and organize effectively to complete all tasks and responsibilities,
  • Provide world-class service to our customers in an accurate, efficient and professional manner,
  • Demonstrate an exceptionally positive attitude and approach to teamwork, &
  • Ethically represent Truxton Trust in all interactions with vendors and customers

This position requires the candidate to be skilled to:

  • Create daily, weekly, and quarterly performance reports for various WMS investments strategies,
  • Deliver various investment reports for use in weekly Investment Committee meetings,
  • Maintain the weekly Investment Committee meeting minutes and ensure their timely incorporation into the Administrative and Investment Review Committee (AIRC) meeting on a monthly basis,
  • Analyze the portfolios of clients and prospects using custodial statements and various software systems,
  • Generate business development presentations for WMS staff working closely with Portfolio Managers and Wealth Advisors,
  • Generate client review presentations incorporating recent investment commentary, graphics and client specific details such as performance and contributions/withdrawals,
  • Maintain an up to date library of WMS slides used in various presentations,
  • Prepare quarterly reports on performance, portfolio changes, drivers of performance on various third party investment managers utilized by WMS,
  • Assist in ad hoc research activities as needed – asset class specific, asset allocation, third party investment manager due diligence, security specific, etc.
  • Form and articulate opinions on the markets, asset classes, investment products and individual securities,
  • Assist in various aspects of portfolio implementation and ongoing monitoring, &
  • Access various system data for WMS reporting purposes and client reviews

Additional Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree. Finance, Economics or Accounting preferred,
  • A genuine interest in pursuing a career in investment management,
  • General understanding of investing and the capital markets,
  • Ability to work independently and under time constraints,  
  • Ability to organize and prioritize work,
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, &
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint and Word)

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